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How To Check Page Rank Using Page Rank Checker

Discover how to use free page rank checker tool to check page ranks and increase PR in search results across the internet.  When we are talking about page ranks, we are really talking about Google page rank (PR) as it’s the largest search engine in the world.

Page ranks are measured using secret algorithms that no one knows outside Google and Google will never reveal this information.  What we think is that it’s a true global measure of a website’s SEO.  Search Engines Optimization is also largely affected by backlinks and everything is interconnected.

If your page rank is low, then your website could be suffering from poor SEO, bad backlinks, low page authority, low trust score or many other factors.  Therefore, it’s important that you regularly check your page rank and update your website.

Every page has a Google page rank and you can check your website’s page ranks using the free top 10 check page rank sites below.  You can also display your page rank on your website or blog and use the information for regular updates.

The most important aspect about page rank is that you can compare your website’s score with your competitors’ page rank scores and use this information to outrank your competition, getting you in top 10 search engine results.

Below listed are the top 10 free sites where you can check your page rank.  One important factor to understand is that backlinks will highly effect your PR.

Therefore, its important to use a good backlinking software to submit your URLs to search engine directories and get those URL indexed.  To do this, we recommend the Magic Submitter.  The Magic Submitter is brilliant for generating backlinks on autopilot, but what you also need is to generate social backlinks.  To get the best backlinking results, we recommend our readers to use the Social Monkee software.

Social Monkee – Social Bookmarking Software

Social MonkeeBasically, Social Bookmarking is considered as one of the most important link building methods to get your website indexed, drive more targeted traffic to your website and to promote your products and services to users. There are a lot of Social Bookmarking sites that are currently operating on the Internet including Reddit, Digg, Stumbleupon and more.

If you are going to submit your website URL to social bookmarking sites, you will spend a lot of time every day in doing it.  You can guarantee results by doing social bookmarking submission for your website, but what if there is a program that will automate this task? This is where Social Monkee comes to play.

You can build 750 unique, do-follow backlinks to your websites and blogs every month and boost your Search Engine Rankings for a small one-time investment of $7. Read more…


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